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Carl H. Oliver

Scuba for Charity


We wanted to update you on a few changes you will see in the 2020 event that we feel will make things run as smooth as possible for all of us.

1. Check-In times for the event will be 8am to 11am sharp.  Check-in takes about 5 minutes but we need each person to come to the registration table and check-in with the Charity Event staff BEFORE you go diving.  If you sign up with a group, each participant is still required to come to the check-in table and register.  Anyone who does not check-in prior to the dive briefing will not be allowed in the hunt.  At the check-in they will provide you with a wrist band that will be used for your meal and door prize drawings.  It is waterproof and you will need to wear it until we take it from you at lunch.

2. Everyone must attend the dive briefing.  There is important information that we share with all participants and again it doesn’t take that long but we will need all participants to be front and center for the briefing.  This year we are going to try and get an organized group picture that we can send to PADI and Dive Training Magazine to advertise your awesome participation!

3. No divers are allowed in the hunt area while the Charity event divers are seeding the prize balls.  In 2019, we had 2 divers following the event divers and picking up balls as they put them out.  Remember, everyone wins a prize so there is absolutely no advantage to picking up balls before anyone else gets to them. Remember this is about helping those who need our support, not about how much we can take home for ourselves.

4. Prior to your check-in for the hunt at the dock entry area, you will also pass through our buddy check station.  Each person will have a through buddy check to make sure tank straps are tight and everything is good before you check-in and head down the dock to the water.  Please do not be offended, we are doing this to alleviate problems that sometimes occur at the dock entry steps that then cause a bottleneck for people waiting to get in.  We feel this will speed up the actual get in the water portion of the hunt.

5. Because of the tremendous amount of high value, quality prizes that are given away (2019 6-BCD’s 3-Computers, 2-Regulators, 4-Octos, 3-Gauge consoles, 12-Wetsuits and so on and so forth) we are looking to balance what goes out with what is taken in for the charity.  In 2019, approximately $17,000 went out in the form of prizes, give-aways and the meal we provide.  A little over $7,000 was collected.  That is a $10,000 difference.  In an effort to find a better balance between what goes out and what comes in, we are bumping the entry fee up by $5.00.  In conjunction,  we are raising the minimum value of any prize won from no less than $25 to no less than $30.  We hope our small increase will not effect your decision to participate.  So for early registration it will be $40 and day of it will be $50.  Keep in mind your registration fee covers your entrance to the quarry for the day (regular price $25), your entrance in the hunt with a guarantee of a prize worth at least $30, a hot meal and door prizes and give-aways throughout the event.

6. We are hoping to have representatives from some of the charities that we support at the 2020 event.  We would like for them to be present so you can put a face to the charity and find out more about what they do and who they support.

So we look forward to seeing you on September 12, 2020.  Thank you in advance for your continued support and remember your bubbles make a difference.




21st Annual Charity Treasure Hunt

 Sponsored by

Carl H. Oliver Scuba for Charity Foundation

Blue Meridian Dive Center

Mermet Springs


Location: Mermet Springs - Metropolis, IL              


Date: September 12th, 2020                

With your Tax-Deductible Charity Donation (Registration Fee) you receive:

Entry to Quarry for the entire day, Entry in the Treasure Hunt, Lunch and a guarantee that you will win a prize in the hunt!  First 100 participants to check in will receive extra gift!!

Prizes not claimed in the hunt will be auctioned off to highest bidder!  Remember it’s for Charity!! There will also be a tank raffle and new underwater hunt games as you requested! Pieces of 8 will return this year along with some new, challenging chances for you to win money underwater!


Your pre-registration fee of $40.00

must be received by Wednesday Sept. 9th.

Sorry no exceptions!

After Sept 9th or the day of the event, registration will be $50.00

Check-In is between 8:00am and 11:00am, Briefing at 11:15am and Hunt begins at 12:00 Noon  

Please have C-Cards available for verification at Check-In.   

Rentals Gear/Air Fills are not included. 

Text Box: For More Information contact Susie at Blue Meridian Dive Ctr. 270-685-3198

        UW Treasure Hunt Registration Form

Please print information,  "cut out " and mail with payment to

Blue Meridian Dive Center      6000 Ky 81    Owensboro, Ky    42301

 All Checks/Money orders must be made payable to:

Carl H. Oliver  Scuba for Charity Foundation


 Name: _________________________________________________

# of Participants: ______  Amt. Enclosed: _____________________

Street Address: _________________________________________        

City: __________________________   State: ___    Zip: _________

Phone: _____________________   

Email: ______________________

**If multiple participants on one form, please list additional names on below:




**credit card payments can be made day of event


2019 Donations

As promised we always let everyone know where the donations from our charity event were designated.  So here we go:


Wounded Warrior Project     $1,000.00

St. Jude’s Children’s   Hosp.    $1,000.00

Team Karlie                                     $600.00

Hospice Of Western Ky            $500.00

Two Rivers Buddy Ball             $500.00

Riley’s Children’s Hospital    $500.00

Senior Christmas Gifts             $450.00

Susan Koman/Relay/Life       $250.00

SAVI-Support Alliance of the Visually Impaired    $250.00

Dream Rider’s of Kentucky   $250.00

Daviess Cty No Kill Shelter    $150.00

Alzheimer’s Research Fnd     $150.00


Beginning Balance prior to event:     $128.50


$40 donation for our Uncles’s passing in March 2019

$59.24 in PNC Bank service fees on the account


Donations Raised through Charity Event:

Credit Cards—$946.00



Total Collected—$7,170.00


Professional Services Paid:

Mermet Springs $1,340.00—Charity Event entry fees

Square Credit Card Fee’s— $26.03

Total Expenses—$1,366.03


Amount available to be distributed— $5803.97

Amount distributed in 2019—$5,600.00


We keep a small reserve for PNC service fees, unexpected charity donation needs or startup costs for the next season.  This year our ending balance will be $203.97 as of  Oct 12, 2019 when the donations were mailed out.



Many thanks to all those divers who participated in our 2019 UW Treasure Hunt at Mermet.  You made the above donations possible and we hope you realize:

Your bubbles absolutely do make a difference!!