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Amitriptyline is used for treating depression.

Buy amitriptyline tablets from buying amitriptyline online US pharmaceuticals giant Eli Lilly's online website for almost $30 per month in New Zealand. Eli Lilly is also selling the medication for roughly 30 per cent cheaper in Hong Kong, where a month's medication can cost up to $12. It is also selling the med in Malaysia for almost $2 a pill. At Eli Lilly, it costs twice that much, or $22.10, for the same amount in Australia, where it is sold for $6.20. The price cut is all more striking in comparison with the fact that New Zealand government is the biggest payer for amitriptyline, paying more than a third of the drug's annual $2.7 billion sales. In Australia, Eli Lilly paid a prescription tax of only 18 cents per vial of amitriptyline. In New Zealand the tax is 34 cents. The price slash will be devastating to the long-suffering New Zealand public health system, which will have to buy drugs at least $200 million more than it currently pays each amitriptyline tablets buy year, The Dominion Post can reveal. "If you took out the sales tax and subsidies on generic amitriptyline that would be a $6 billion additional expense, we're talking about New Zealand taxpayers subsidising that," one Wellington GP said. Auckland City District health board spokesman Tony amitriptyline buy online cheap Phillips said the price cut would further strain an already overburdened system that struggles to cover the cost of an antibiotic for the rare condition of bacterial pneumonia, and has already faced pressure on its annual budget from a major earthquake and drought. "We've already been dealing with a number of unexpected issues, just like any hospital in an urban area, so we've been scrambling, trying Clomiphene citrate price uk to find money and get things sorted," said Phillips. Phillips said the problem was that New Zealand had limited drug markets for older generics, and in Australia generic drugs could run up to $200 a vial in the supermarket and $180 a vial in pharmacies. "Even if you get the same price or less than the we pay, it's still a lot more money than we normally spend, I think, supporting a system like ours." In a statement, Eli Lilly New Zealand said it had made "a very reasonable offer" to New Zealanders for its amitriptyline brand drug - at a cost of $24 vial. "The average New Zealand price Amitriptyline 50mg $133.38 - $0.37 Per pill is $42 per vial and we believe it is reasonable that Kiwis receive the same level of service they have come to expect with Eli Lilly. Lilly believes it is vital that New Zealanders benefit from the price we charge for medication." Pharmaceutical analyst David Llewellyn said drug companies were increasingly trying to deal with New Zealand's high prices by slashing so low that Kiwis would no longer notice. "There's no real profit in New Zealand," he said. "The Zealand pharmaceutical industry has already decided to offer substantially lower prices as a result of the lower tax rates and in-kind assistance, not through the threat of changing pricing." But Health Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman yesterday defended the high prices of New Zealand's pharmaceuticals, saying they helped finance the country's universal health care system. "The most important aspect of our approach to pharmaceuticals is the fact that we don't pay our way by paying too much and getting little," he said. "That's the biggest difference between OECD countries and New Zealand - this is where we're more efficient in the use of public funds." He said Eli Lilly had offered to reduce its prices in New Zealand by $4 a day to keep Eli Lilly New Zealand in business. Eli Lilly declined to comment. The price cut was confirmed yesterday by Dr Coleman himself, when he tweeted that Eli Lilly was going to introduce a discount of $4/day for all its New Zealand sales. When asked for the exact amount, a spokeswoman said Eli Lilly it was not willing to compromise on product quality, and that the discount they were offering was the best it could do. The pharma industry's pricing efforts in New Zealand began with an offer made in October. The was based on a three-pronged approach that began in mid-2011: The first prong was to cut the price of amitriptyline tablets for New Zealand to just 0.60c per dosing. The second prong was to lower a dose-diversity of the drug from three different brand products to two: it was be cheaper now than it was in 2011. And the third prong was to reduce the cost of a new pack five tablets by about $30, or 15 per cent. The discount was made available for a year starting in February, and was only open to patients who bought their.

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