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Blue Meridian Dive Center welcomes you to diving and all the adventure it has to offer. 

You will find that Blue Meridian isn't your average Dive Store - unlike any other dive store in our area....your needs, your comfort, your happiness and most importantly your safety come first! Owned by a third generation diver who has been around diving all her life there is an understanding of the dive industry and what works and what doesn't work that is missing in other dive centers.   Having worked at Dolphin Dive Center here in Owensboro for 10+ years the jump to opening Blue Meridian after the closing of Dolphin wasn't a big leap.  So in December of 2000, Blue Meridian Dive Center came to be.  

We are a full service PADI 5-Star Dive Center offering not only instruction but equipment sales and service, airfills plus visuals and hydrostatic testing, a full line of top quality rental gear and dive travel to your hearts desire!!  In addition we are the only dive center in the tri-state with an on-site pool for use during the warm, fabulous Kentucky summers.  Used for private lessons, Discover Scuba's, swim lessons and Scuba Tune-ups - the pool allows us to personalize your scuba and easy....need we say more!

Our slogan is "We Love To Dive and It Shows" - We believe you will find that separates us from the rest of the crowd...we actually live it...we don't just say it.  We are about more than just cranking out students....we're about infecting you with the love of diving that we feel every time we hit that water!  

We have certified thousands of divers and with excitement and pride have welcomed them to our "diving family" as both customers and buddies.  We are a family oriented business that builds our reputation on making you safe, comfortable and happy!!  

The staff at Blue Meridian help us offer you a unique attribute that is not found at any other dive center in our area: our level of experience and knowledge.  Together our staff has logged over 22,000 dives, issued over 6,000 certifications and has over 250 years of combined diving and teaching experience.  What you will find at Blue Meridian are fun-loving, exceptionally qualified, eager to please professionals who can't wait to get in the water and show you around!  Please take a moment and "Meet the Staff".

We train using the PADI System of Diver Education.  PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the leader in diver education.  Many instructors cross over to other training agencies with less strict guidelines for training…not us.  We want to  keep you safe when diving and there is only one way to go with that in mind...PADI.  Additionally, you will always be able to find a PADI facility anywhere your travels might take you….PADI is the only one that can make that claim and back it up.


We are so proud of the difference we have made in diving in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.  In addition to making a difference in diving, we make a difference in our community by sponsoring 2 annual charity events to help raise money to support local charity agencies.  As a sponsor of the Carl H. Oliver Scuba for Charity foundation we help raise funds through the UW Treasure Hunt, UW Monopoly Tournament.


We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us and we hope you will come in and meet us and in no time at all.....You will love diving....and it will show!!